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I have recently added a new e-commerce capability to many of my images - whereby a number of my works can be ordered on-line from this website - in a variety of sizes and finishing options.  The orders are fulfilled by one of the major national photo labs - and shipped directly to you (or a designated shipping address) .

This provides an efficient way to acquire my work at very economical prices (less than $10 for a small print)  Great for smaller pieces - and for gifts!

These works are all contained two galleries: 

  • "Square  Images for On-Line Ordering"- the first gallery shown below.  

           http://RobertRydin.com/p53450199 should you wish to forward this gallery to a friend.






You have probably found this site through a visit to my exhibit at a fine art festival, or through social media.   Thanks for visiting!


Most all my work is of one of two genres:

"Heavy Metal" is a photographic exploration of 20th century heavy industry. The photographs depict strength, utility, and design of iron and steel designed for a single purpose; transporting nothing less than the lives and materials of this country across its landscape.

The photography is simple and straightforward. It is not so much about trains; rather it is about utility, form and function. The long term effects of exposure to the elements add yet another dimension to the subject. The engineers and draftsmen who designed these prototypes were concerned with function over form. My goal is to find composition in their functional design, and express it through texture and light.

"Heavenly Light" is landscape photography - cityscapes and natural settings. The quality of light is everything to the landscape photographer - this portfolio combines traditional film photography with the latest in digital technology - all for the purpose of enhancing the light on the subject matter. While composition of the piece is paramount, I invite the viewer to get close - and appreciate the exquisite detail of these images. This portfolio is about the "WOW" factor.  


Besides my fine art photography, I am available for your personal, corporate, commercial, architectural and event photography.  Please see my Thumbtack profile  at: https://www.thumbtack.com/il/elgin/photographers/photography-services