Fine Art Portfolios

My portfolio of fine art photographs at Studio Terra | Robert Rydin Photography is vast. All of  my images are intended to be exhibited in large formats to hold the maximum amount of detail, such as in 3 ft. X 9 ft. triptychs, printed and finished in my studio, or in mural or billboard size. My fine art has won several awards at prestigious fine art shows throughout Chicago.

My Process

I use both High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Ultra High Definition (UHD) techniques in order to create astounding detail and near surrealistic depth and range of color in each of my images. My panoramic works are often a combination of over 100 individual exposures. I usually print and finish the images in my studio, where I utilize a finishing technique that I have developed: my “Glass Wrap” pour epoxy resin ultra high-gloss finish. This finish wraps around the edges of the photograph, which creates a very contemporary and unique presentation.

weathered crew car Studio Terra | Robert Rydin Photography Schaumburg & Elgin IL
crystal cove beach Studio Terra | Robert Rydin Photography Batrrington & Elgin IL

Artist’s Resume

Forty years of self-study and practical application in both color and black & white photography culminated in these portfolios first made public in 2007.  He has since won numerous awards in most all the major juried art shows in the Greater Chicagoland area.

Robert holds a BBA from Southern Methodist University, and MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University.   He currently resides in Elgin, IL, and works as a professional photographer.

City Skyline & Natural Landscape Photography, Sold to Clients Worldwide

Artist’s Statement

“Heavenly Light” is landscape photography – cityscapes and natural settings. The quality of light is everything to the landscape photographer – this portfolio combines traditional film photography with the latest digital technology – all for the purpose of enhancing the light on the subject matter. While composition of the piece is paramount, Robert invites the viewer to get close – and appreciate the exquisite detail of these images. This portfolio is about the ‘Wow!” factor.

Steel & Iron: 20th Century Heavy Industry Photography

Artist’s Statement

“Heavy Metal” is a photographic exploration of 20th century heavy industry. The photographs depict strength, utility, and design of iron and steel designed for a single purpose; transporting nothing less than the lives and materials of this country across its landscape. The photography is simple and straightforward. It is not so much about trains: rather it is about utility, form and function. The long-term effects of exposure to the elements add yet another dimension to the subject.  The engineers and draftsmen who designed these prototypes were concerned with function over form.  Robert’s goal is to find composition in their functional design, and express it through texture and light.

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